Tivoli Touristic Route

Itinerario - touristic route

The foundation of Tivoli, whose original name is Tibur, dates back to 1215 B.C. ..

The settlement was founded on the left bank of the Aniene, and it is where the Acropolis with its beautiful temples, still admired today. As early as the first century. B.C. It became a holiday resort for wealthy Roman families. In the second century. A.D. Emperor Hadrian Tivoli chose to build his magnificent Villa.

During the Middle Ages it was torn casetorri features and small Romanesque churches, to be rediscovered with a fascinating walk through the historic center.

In sec. XVI there was a social rebirth thanks also to the Governor Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este and his successors. He was born the famous Villa d’Este; while the city was enriched with noble palaces. Three 800 and ‘900 in Tivoli there was a significant industrial development, related to the birth of paper mills and tanneries, as well as the production of hydroelectric power, thanks to the creation of the first Italian center in 1886.

To date, the city has about 60,000 inhabitants and is famous worldwide for the presence of two UNESCO sites (Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este) and the FAI Villa Gregoriana Park site.

Important fraction Tivoli Terme, famous for its hot springs of sulphurous water.

To date, the main local resources, this range includes travertine (lapis tiburtinus), whose extraction and processing is recorded since Roman times.