La Meridiana has a long history that dates back to 1800, when it was known by the name of Fattoria Conversi.

Originally, the farm only specialised in agricultural activities, then, in 1951, the breeding of dairy cows was introduced. Since 1993, thanks to the high hygienic standards achieved, this allowed the farm to produce high quality milk.

Since 2011, the milk production has stopped and the farm has returned to it roots, dealing only with agricultural activities.

In 2003 the agritourism La Meridiana was founded, the result of the renovation of a building used since 1800 as stables and as a barn and fallen for years into disuse and in ruins.

  • Free wifi

    Active in the apartments and common areas inside

  • Swimming Pool

Its name derives from a beautiful sundial on the travertine facade that in ancient times used to mark the time of labour in the fields, when the laborers used to look at it to know when it was time to end the workday.